No one likes strangers in their homes, no matter how necessary it is. Unfortunately, repairmen, plumbers, and others must be allowed onto your property on occasion to perform necessary tasks. However, many untrustworthy types can attempt to pass themselves off as legitimate professionals in order to gain access to your home only to abuse that privilege. In our business of locksmithing, this can take an even more sinister turn. Posing as reputable locksmiths, they perform the intended work as you request. However, they also make keys for themselves or their friends, which can lead to dangerous results. Luckily this does not happen all the time, but it is avoidable.

The experts at Grove Lock, Door & Safe Co. of New Jersey have heard it all and are dedicated to a superior level of professionalism to give all our customers peace of mind. As a result, we have taken the time to become bonded, insured, and certified. Below, we will show you why these three criteria are so essential to our business.

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Insured Locksmiths

Insurance is a necessity for any repairman who enters your property from the lawn crew to the ones installing a new HVAC unit. Insurance is essential should anything go wrong. In our business, sometimes damage may be done to the door having a lock replaced. Our insurance helps us cover this damage so you may be assured you will not be responsible for any damage done by repairs. We carry liability insurance, which is not a small investment. This allows us to protect both you and our team should the worst happen. In fact, these policies can have pay outs of up to $250,000 or more. Untrustworthy locksmiths do not go to the trouble of finding and purchasing these policies.

Bonded Locksmiths

A locksmith purchases a bond with certain terms and conditions. Bonds are similar to insurance in that they help cover any damage that may occur during your locksmithing work. We pay a fee to a bonding company and have to pass a background check in order to be approved. It is essentially an extra layer of insurance designed for the protection of both the locksmiths and our clients.

Certified Locksmiths

Certified locksmiths are similar to certified colleges. Just as they do, we undergo rigorous testing to ensure that our education is legitimate and from an accredited school or institution of learning. A certified locksmith has not only learned the technical aspects of the job, but the ethics and principles associated with our profession. A certified locksmith has taken the time, energy, and funds to show they are dedicated to their craft and intend to continue in this career for the long term.

We only use the most professional locksmiths for the Grove Lock, Door & Safe Co. team. All of us are licensed and insured so you may have peace of mind when we arrive on your property. We are available 24 hours a day for emergencies of all types from residential to commercial. In fact, we pride ourself in arriving at most situations within 15 minutes of the initial call.

To learn more about Grove Lock, Door & Safe Co. of NJ and our services contact us with any of your questions or to get a quote.

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